Blanton B Scene - About Face: Portraiture as Subject


When the Blanton Museum of Art's wonderful Special Events Manager Stephanie Topolgus told me about her idea for the B Scene event around the new exhibit About Face: Portraiture As Subject to invite local wardrobe stylists to interpret the portrait of their choice, I was beyond excited by the creative challenge. I tend to be drawn to the Old World, so picking Eugéne Delacroix's Portrait of Charles de Verninac, circa 1826. Although working with one of these would have been fun too...


Left: Kehinde Wiley's Le Roi á la Chasse [The King at the Hunt], 2006; Right: Alice Neel's David Bourdon and Gregory Battock, 1970. 

I was so impressed by the interpretations of the fellow stylists, like the chic and talented Brandy Joy Smith's modern take on Richard Pettibone's Warhol's Marilyn Monroe, 1973. 

Designer (and very dapper) Graham Cumerbatch's clever interpretation of Byron Kim's Synecdoche, 1991/1998. 

My dear friend Jaimey Sloan (whose worked in wardrobe for Friday Night Lights along with many other films and commercials) with her charismatic model Karma and their take on Oliver Herring's Patrick, 2004. 

What really made my look besides my gorgeous model Aurora was undoubtedly...the HAIR! I knew that it was a necessity to complete the look, so I went straight to the man himself — José Buitron of José Luis Salon. 


José and his team bring so much passion to their work and just a day after I called him he was whipping up the perfect 'do for this look on his trusty mannequin, which he uses to practice his creative vision on. Rebecca Lucas created the makeup beautifully as well for a stunning finished product. 

A very special thanks to TRIBEZA designer and my right hand gal Avalon McKenzie for helping me complete the look, By George for the crazy cool Helmut Lang leggings that Aurora rocked all night, to José and Rebecca and to the Blanton for putting together such a fun event. The exhibit of a diverse group of 40 portraits will be on display through September 24. 



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Stephanie Topolgus wrote 9 years 10 weeks ago

WOW - Lauren, you and your

WOW - Lauren, you and your team are so talented and amazing! We were beyond thrilled to get to work with you on this idea, and I am even more impressed to see the backstory here in virtual black and white. Aurora is so wonderful to sit for that hair - and those leggings (and legs) are so cool! Thank you too for recommending the other stylists involved in the project - it was really fun!

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