Eye for Design: Elizabeth Stanley, Elizabeth Stanley Design

Eye for Design: Elizabeth Stanley, Elizabeth Stanley Design

At some point, you realize that the carrot-orange couch you nabbed from your parents’ den no longer matches your personality—or living room. Whether it’s moving into a new place or just wanting an updated look, everyone is eventually faced with the task of filling and decorating their living space. And while there’s nothing wrong with purchasing entire IKEA showrooms, that futuristic Dutch armoire might not jive with your bedroom’s antique crown molding. It takes more than assembling five-piece furniture sets to accomplish good feng shui. Meet three interior designers who are able to transform people’s homes into livable spaces of art with attention to color, architecture, and the client’s style.

Elizabeth Stanley, Elizabeth Stanley Design

After selling real estate for eight years, Elizabeth Stanley decided to make a career switch and pursue her longstanding passion. With the support of her husband, Stanley started decorating residences in her hometown a year ago. “I love many styles and objects and find that the most interesting interiors evolve from a combination of such,” says Stanley. “I like drama and making statements through design.”
Stanley pulls ideas for her design from the pages in her library of countless design books and international magazines as well as personal travelling experiences. “Different places have different styles, trades, light, and feeling,” says Stanley. “I find inspiration everywhere but gathering unique ideas through travelling helps keep my designs fresh.”

When beginning a project, Stanley learns about her client’s needs, likes and dislikes, goals and lifestyle. Depending on the project, she can be as hands on or hands off as necessary, consulting with her client on an as-needed basis or managing total control of the creative process. “I strive for fresh and unexpected designs with sophistication and a little wit,” says Stanley.

Although Stanley has only undertaken residential projects, her dream project would be designing a hotel with a locally successful hotelier. “I would love to collaborate with Liz Lambert,” says Stanley. “I think she has incredible style and great taste.” New careers bring new challenges, and Stanley says one she’s encountered regularly is “reading the minds” of her clients’. She feels that one of her strong points is being able to understand what her clients want and transforming those desires in a practical but beautiful design. “I love to see the transformation of space into a home that is unique for my client, where they will live their lives and create many memories,” she says.