The Craftsmen - Jesse Hartman

The Craftsmen - Jesse Hartman

Handmade — eight artisans are beautifying Austin from the inside out.


Working as a carpenter through college taught Jesse Hartman all he needed to know about conventional building processes. “I became bored and disgusted by the materials used and the normal styling,” Hartman says. “I feel like the conventional home has become bland and homogenized.” Recognizing that he needed to re-ignite his passion for building or get out of the industry altogether, Hartman founded Shift Build. The company creatively repurposes and locally sources all the materials it uses to create unique residential spaces and “slow furniture.” Examples from Shift Build’s creative portfolio are a plate-drying rack made from a bicycle rim, a walnut dining table with matching leatherstrapped satchel, and an outdoor trampoline shade. Each piece combines an outside-the-box approach to functionality with Hartman’s whimsical approach to form. But the best example of Shift Build’s style is Hartman’s own home, where he lives with his girlfriend and two-yearold son. The house is constructed of reclaimed wood, steel and scraps from within a 10-mile radius. There’s an exterior made of old tires, another of wood pallets from a nearby workshop and a concrete wall studded with empty bottles of wine, beer and Topo Chico. The buildout is an ongoing project, and it's Hartman’s favorite labor of love. “It may never be finished,” he says, “and if it ever is, I will probably have to move and start a new one.” For more information, visit


Jesse Hartman