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Lisa Siva | Editorial Assistant, TRIBEZA
When I was ten, my most prized possession was a red coat with a faux fur-trimmed collar. It was a coat fit for a queen, enveloping me in its satiny lining and rich, unmistakable color. Over a decade later, as I have had wonderful opportunities to meet and write about Austin’s vibrant store owners, jewelry makers and clothing designers, I’ve realized that we all have our own red coat of sorts—the pieces that transform us, the pieces that are windows through which our brightest selves shine. Today, that self is a little Françoise Hardy and a little Jenna Lyons, feminine, with a few touches—a bold boot, a tailored blazer—borrowed from the boys. And with Austin’s eclectic array of well-curated local boutiques, from Girl Next Door’s youthful elegance to Fawn + Raven’s speakeasy atmosphere, this city has been the perfect place to discover a style of my own.

Style Icons

Justin Kitchen

What was your favorite piece of clothing as a child?
As a kid, I wasn’t allowed to wear just anything I wanted to. Once I was out on my own, I was able to figure out who I was and what I liked.

What is your current wardrobe staple?
Red Wing boots, selvedge denim and old motorcycle t-shirts

Which decade in fashion do you identify most with?
I identify most with 60's and 70's biker styling. I am a sucker for soft leather motorcycle boots and dirty denim.

If you could trade wardrobes with anyone living or dead, who would it be?
I love Chet Baker's style in the 1950's. He had amazing style and simple outfits that fit right and looked classic.

What is your favorite place in the world to shop?
My favorite places to shop have to be anywhere that no one else has been—that’s when I feel the happiest.

Cutting Edge

Jeannie Vianney

The Spirit Makers

Texas craft distillers continue to diversify, offering ever more delicious and imaginative ways to drink local. Whether you’re partial to grapefruit-infused elixirs or pure barrel-aged bourbon, here are plenty of new reasons to belly up.

There must be something in the Central Texas water to explain the number of entrepreneurs fir-ing up column and pot stills to produce a wide range of Texas craft spirits. Texas whiskey, gin, rum—we’ve got it all and then some (and even the promise of a few Texas brandies and eau-de-viex). While you’ll find distilleries throughout the state, Central Texas claims the vast majority. In fact, it seems that every time you look on the liquor store shelf, you find a new Texas spirit to try, and you’re likely being handed a sample from the distiller in person.

Hand-Tooled Texas

If you swoon for supple leather and the uniqueness of handmade wares, you’re in luck. Thanks to a growing number of Central Texas artisans, it’s a fine time to go satchel shopping. We asked five of the best makers around why they love their time-honored trade.

Noah Marion
Where: Austin
The Maker: Noah Marion

The Craft Behind the Curtain

An inside look at the stage (and dream) makers at the Zach Theatre.

In the Zach’s exuberant original production of Tommy, every aspect of the performance comes to life—from the dramatic framed mirror that mesmerizes the title character to the gyrating metallic gold bumpers of the stage-size animated pinball machine. Beyond the extraordinary vocal and physical talents of the actors under the theater’s spotlight, countless hours of expertise and labor have gone into realizing these dazzling moments by way of the costumes, props, scenery, and more.

Oxford Barnstorm

Each summer the Texas Playboys baseball team hits the road for a game and an adventure. This time, Tribeza hitched a ride.

This is not your typical dugout. On the bench, gold ostrich leather boots mingle with navy suede cleats. Beneath the baseball caps, there is an unusually high ratio of woolly beards, and player Taylor Tehan (manager at Austin’s Billy Reid store) sports a stash, shades, and a long, flowing mane that suggest a 70s cop show more than a ball field. An eager 13-year (a nephew of the second baseman) adjusts his cap alongside a silver-haired pitcher. Then again, lush, manicured Swayze Field, home of the University of Mississippi Rebels in Oxford, is not a typical venue for the Texas Playboys, a team comprising an impressive roster of some of Austin’s best filmmakers, musicians, and designers.

Barton Hills Block Party

On a sultry summer night, nothing beats a backyard potluck where the focus is friends, no-fuss food (pass the brisket), family recipes, and second helpings of everything.

When my boyfriend (at the time) Tip made martinis with jalapeño peppers and asked me to move with him to Texas, I hesitated. A New Yorker living in Montana, I’d never even visited the Lone Star State. I imagined feeling awkward, out of place. My friends from Texas knew how to flirt and use hot rollers. But the gin was cold and my boyfriend was my favorite person in the world. A few months later, we loaded up the Toyota Tacoma and headed to Austin.

My Neighborhood in Pictures

As any Instagram-addict knows, a striking image of a common thing or moment can be breathtaking and transporting. With that in mind, we asked three local talents (an artist and designer and two professional photographers) who have a knack for documenting their daily lives to lead us through a visual essay of what they cherish about their neighborhoods. As you’ll see in their poignant and lovely images, beauty often lies in the tiniest details, the ones that you’ll miss if you don’t step outside and behold your own street with eyes wide open, and with wonder.


Nancy Mims’ Hyde Park

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