Lisa Siva

Emily Whittenburg

At the heart of Magpie Fields is owner Emily Whittenburg’s unmistakable wanderlust: three years ago, Whittenburg and her husband, Josh, left their home in Louisiana to teach English in the Czech Republic. Over the course of their travels, Whittenburg discovered the bustling Kolbenova flea market in Prague, where vendors spread their blankets along an open field and hawk their one-of-a-kind wares—some new, others centuries old. “I’d never seen anything like it,” she says.

Things We Love

Jai Mayhew

When in Austin...

Lisa Siva | Editorial Assistant, TRIBEZA
When I was ten, my most prized possession was a red coat with a faux fur-trimmed collar. It was a coat fit for a queen, enveloping me in its satiny lining and rich, unmistakable color. Over a decade later, as I have had wonderful opportunities to meet and write about Austin’s vibrant store owners, jewelry makers and clothing designers, I’ve realized that we all have our own red coat of sorts—the pieces that transform us, the pieces that are windows through which our brightest selves shine. Today, that self is a little Françoise Hardy and a little Jenna Lyons, feminine, with a few touches—a bold boot, a tailored blazer—borrowed from the boys. And with Austin’s eclectic array of well-curated local boutiques, from Girl Next Door’s youthful elegance to Fawn + Raven’s speakeasy atmosphere, this city has been the perfect place to discover a style of my own.

Cutting Edge

Jeannie Vianney

Dandy's: The Gentleman's Store

Dandy’s is an escape into an early twentieth century haven: the bustle of South Congress fades, replaced by the smooth sounds of jazz, as you enter a world of sack suits and suspenders, herringbone and handkerchiefs. Owners Wendy Bykowski and her husband, Chris, have always been fascinated by decades past, but they have a particular affinity for the turn of the century. “It’s the last wearable era,” Bykowski says. Evoking the time period through vintage-inspired fabrics and shapes, Dandy’s offers classic style for the modern-day gentleman. In addition to an extensive selection of boots, custom and ready-to-wear hats, a full shaving section, gramophones, pocket watches and other accessories, the duo’s specialty is the custom suit, which often begins with a modernized sack suit silhouette that customers can then personalize with their choice of fabric, liner, overall fit and more.

Ricky Hodge's Bowtie

Anna Wintour has her sunglasses, Karl Lagerfeld his gloves—and for Ricky Hodge, his crown jewel is the perfect bowtie.

The Foodie Diaries: Into the Fire

Into The Fire

As line cooks and servers battle for glory, 86’d celebrates the unsung heroes of our culinary community.

Behind a restaurant’s kitchen doors, a secret language comes alive. You won’t find this vivid argot of “bubble dancers” and “hockey pucks” anywhere else, because it’s a kind of mythical shorthand heard only over the clamor of pots and pans, a testament to culinary camaraderie.

Secrets Of The Staff

At Barley Swine, before the doors open, you’ll find the kitchen team working to a playlist as diverse as the staffers themselves. The line cooks, sous chefs and steward take us behind the scenes of one of the city’s most celebrated gastropubs.

Bradley Nicholson | Line Cook
While a folksy soundtrack of country classics like George Strait plays in the background, line cook Bradley Nicholson is hard at work. “This industry rewards talent,” he says, “but being all about cooking is what is gonna get you ahead.” Though it’s always a race against the clock, he loves being able to connect with diners through the open kitchen and “see either their surprise and joy.” If you order beer for the staff, he won’t say no to any of the Hops & Grain Greenhouse Beers—It’s For a Cop is his favorite.

Kitchen Icons

Three Austin chefs pay tribute to the culinary legends who inspire them.


LAURA SAWICKI of La Condesa & Sway | Julia Child's Brioche Tart

According to legend, there is an episode of Julia Child’s Baking Series in which Julia Child takes a bite of Nancy Silverton’s decadent brioche tart. Tears stream down her cheeks as she looks into the camera and declares, “It’s a dessert to cry over. This is the best dessert I’ve ever eaten.” It’s stories like this that inspire Laura Sawicki, the Food & Wine-lauded pastry chef at La Condesa and Sway. “I love when food has such a beautiful story behind it,” she says. “And above anything else, this tart is absolutely delicious.”

Recipe for Success

A Food Adventure
Sunday, May 5, 6pm
Rain Lily Farm
914 Shady Ln.

Under the night sky, where spring gardens meet Rain Lily Farm, the culinary community will come together for A Food Adventure, a celebration of the journey from field and pasture to the table. Stephanie Scherzer of Farmhouse Delivery worked with Chefs Rene Ortiz and Laura Sawicki to create a sumptuous experience, complete with live music and an elegant dinner—though the centerpiece of the evening is the Recipe for Success Foundation, an innovative education program for children that aims to inspire a lifetime of healthy eating.

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